Keeping You On The Dance Floor

The album ‘GREEN’ features the 2 lead singles ‘Is It Love’ and ‘I Don’t Want You’.  Both produced by MAX & SEBH of Germany.

There’s no doubt that Crayone will have you on your feet dancing again when the full album is released in 2016.    Crayone is still king of the dance floor with his crazy catchy hooks, colorful stage presence and thumping dance music.

The New album ‘GREEN’ for 2016

2016 Green Vibrant2

The long awaited dance album by Bylli Crayone is set to be released in 2016.   The album features a variety of dance tracks from his latest singles ‘Is It Love’ and ‘I Dont Want You’ to new versions of his classics such as ‘Dizzy Boi’ and ‘Its Okay Boy’ with 80s songstress Tiffany.

This album also features songs written by Crayone back when he was in 7th grade !!  Talk about never giving up on a dream.  As Crayone states.. ‘It feels good knowing my songs I wrote a very long time ago will finally be seeing the light of day’.

The album is being recorded and produced in Germany.  Producer David Pacheco and Music Director Sebastien Hohl of Max & Sebh are the exclusive team working with Crayone on this album.

Finalized Track Listing & Release Date coming soon!